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Categories: Outdoor Features


Photo of gopher poking up from ground

Why You Should Consider Gopher Wire for Your Backyard


How does Gopher Wire work?

Gopher wire is a ¾ inch metal mesh woven into a hexagonal pattern. The purpose of the mesh is to prevent gophers from burrowing under an area with plants to reach the roots that serve as their food source, resulting in your grass, artificial turf, or planter beds being torn up and damaged. By installing gopher wire a few inches under the soil, the gophers will be redirected away from your grass areas because the wire is impossible to bypass for them. 

Photo of gopher wire being installed

Why use Gopher Wire over Traps or Chemicals?

There are a few options for removing unwanted pests from your yard, but gopher wire has much fewer drawbacks than alternative methods. Traps, for instance, will kill the gopher and leave the remains to be dealt with. If you opt to use a live trap instead, you now have a live gopher that you need to relocate, which could result in their return if not done properly. The second option is chemicals, but that could result in a much bigger mess than the gophers. Chemicals will infect an entire area, disposing of the gophers but also posing a threat to any pets, or neighbor’s pets, who roam the backyard area. With chemicals, you also risk the well-being of the very plants you’re working to save, bargaining too much for too little. 

 Photo of gopher wire

Who and When to Call to Install Gopher Wire?

Call Empire Pavers! We have been working with clients to bring their backyard dreams to reality for over 15 years, we are confident that we can deliver everything you need. Call today for a free consultation, and one of our outdoor space specialists will be happy to meet with you!