Creative Landscape Lighting Installation

Illuminate Your Landscape With Outdoor Lighting

When you’ve invested in gorgeous landscaping and other improvements around your home or business, why leave them unseen for a third of the time? Our landscape lighting design and installation services create spaces that have beautiful lighting effects.

Our experienced team will work with you to plan the exterior lighting for your residential or commercial property. Based on our knowledge of your space, we can recommend lighting and specific points to give your home or business better curb appeal and improved illumination. Empire Pavers’ team carefully chooses the best types of lamps, temperatures, and ideal colors for your project to be successful from start to finish.

For a free consultation about landscape lighting installation, please fill out our online form or call or text today.

Explore the Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Highlight flowers, trees, or art
  • Create safer walkways and paths
  • Increase security around your home or business
  • Save energy with low-consumption lights
  • Create personalized schedules and effects with programmable lights

Landscape Lighting Designs

Enjoying your outdoor environment at night becomes much more pleasant with good panoramic landscape lighting. This lighting enhances the ambience of your outdoor living area, illuminating the nature and landscaping of your garden or patio.

Driveway Lighting Designs

You can’t waste a good first impression, so how about investing in new, more detailed driveway lighting and transforming your nighttime curb appeal? With strategically lit spots, you and your guests will also have a better view at night.

Walkway Lighting Designs

Enhance your walkway lighting with a beautiful, exclusive design in your garden or yard. Increase the beauty of your natural landscape by creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. Anything is possible with Empire Pavers.

Landscape Lighting Inspiration Gallery