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Photo of gray pavers with gray pebbles interlaying

Understanding Stepping Stones and Why to Choose Them

What are Stepping Stones?

Stepping stones are large stones that function as a path to traverse from one area to another. These stones can be placed on grass, turf, pebbles, etc., and can be used to keep your feet/shoes from making direct contact with the surface below. This will have a number of effects depending on the type of surface the stepping stones are placed upon, such as protecting your grass from foot traffic, reducing the amount of concrete/pavers you need by filling the space with pebbles, or simply keeping your feet dry front wet grass.

Photo of white stepping stones placed on top of turf

Installing Stepping Stones

Installing stepping stones is easy, but we recommend that you have it professionally installed if possible. The stepping stones should be planned out with roughly a foot and a half of space between them so that you can walk comfortably from stone to stone. Once the planning is completed, we pour a concrete base where each stone will be placed so they don’t sink into the ground.

Photo of gray pavers with white pebbles interlaying

Who to Call for Stepping Stones?

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