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Categories: Pavers


Photo of brown pavers with grey border

What are Paver Borders?

Paver borders serve as a tool to improve both function and form for your pavers. Pavers borders help lock your current pavers into place to reduce shifting while also giving your pavers either contrasting or complementary design elements. These elements can be further categorized into two styles of patterns; sailor course or soldier course. So how do you know which best suits your style? The best way to know what you like is to see the variety of options in practice!

Pavers with a complimenting border

Photo showing light gray pavers with dark grey border

This example shows pavers with a complimenting paver border. These are colors that are similar to one another, and work to create a seamless appearance across the surface.


Pavers with a contrasting border

This showcases contrasting borders, a design where the border of the pavers is not a similar color to your main section of pavers. This creates a more closed and tight appearance, creating a sharper tone.


Sailor Course

Photo of brown pavers with dark grey border in sailor, or horizontal, pattern

Sailor course are when the rectangle stone pavers that form the border are laid vertically.


Soldier Course

Photo of grey pavers with black border

Soldier course are when the rectangle stone pavers that form the border are laid horizontally rather than vertically.


Single, Double, and Triple

Photo of grey and white pavers with triple border

Example of Triple Border

Photo of light grey pavers with light grey double border

Example of Double Border

Paver borders are not limited to only a single row, meaning you can intertwine multiple colors or patterns, including both soldier and sailor, along your paver area. These are called single, double and triple borders, coordinating to the amount of pavers that serve as your border.


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